General Garden Maintenance

It is difficult to escape the workload that goes into establishing and maintaining a well groomed garden or outdoor space. However it does not take that much time or expense to have your garden looking great once it is regularly maintained. Cutting the grass, clipping the hedge and power washing the paths makes a great difference to your home.

Some jobs, like lawn maintenance are repetitive and require a reasonable time commitment in the summer months. If you do not have the time, or spend some of the year away from home, it is a great idea to employ CK Landscaping to do the work for you.

We take pride in our work. Our customers often comment how clean their gardens and drives are when we finish each job. We believe there is little point doing a great jobs in the garden but leaving twigs, grass clipping, sods and dirt behind when the job is completed.

Everybody has different needs and tastes. Over the past 10 years home owners have begun to realise how many options they have in their garden. However, decks need to be maintained, sheds, trellising, patios, water features exotic plants and pools all need to be cleaned. We would be delighted to help you keep your garden beautiful.

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