Lawn Cultivation And Maintenance

New Season Assessment

In early spring we will come and prepare your lawn for new growth and tackle any of the problems that have built up over the winter.
It is important to feed your lawn to get it ready for good growth in the year ahead. Moss is often a problem after the winter, which we will solve on this visit as well as feeding your lawn.

First Summer Visit

We will apply fertilizer to your lawn to give a deep green carpet of grass. It is also important to choose the right weed killer to take the uneven appearance out of the lawn at this time.
We will also ensure that daisy’s and dandelions do not take hold in your garden.

Second Summer Visit

Our specifically formulated fertilizer is applied on this visit with special no burn granules that will help nourish and maintain the rich green colour of your lawn. On this visit we will also tackle any difficult weeds that are trying to take hold during the peak summer months.

Autumn Visit

This final checkup is the last and probably the most important of the year.
We feed the grass once again with our specially formulated fertilizer mix.
This makes sure the roots are strong and healthy ahead of the winter frost and moss is kept at bay over the wettest months of the year.

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