Planting & Gardening Tips

Planting Hedges And Trees

Right now is the time for new hedging and trees to be planted, make sure the ground is not too wet when doing so as the plants would only drown.
Dig the holes twice as big as the plant pot. place in some compost to help them thrive.

Plants planted before Christmas tend to do better in the long run than those out in the ground after Christmas. Some hedging need wind barriers and others need rabbit fencing to keep their from the hedge be sure you know what your hedging and trees need. Trees need to be well staked too.

Gardening Tips


Gardening Tips

Keep cutting your grass during the winter months as it will be less of an ordeal next spring for the 1st cut.
Only cut when the ground is firm under foot and in the winter months, cut the grass higher to a minimum of 50mm so the grass is strong if we get a lot of rain or cold weather.(adjust lawnmower height settings)

Autumn/Winter feed should be put out November to help it along until spring time comes.
The spring feed would be the wrong feed at this time of year as a higher p&k values is required in the feed.

Hard Surfaces Around The House

Keep your house looking well by keeping your brick paving, tarmac and concrete clear. Make sure the leaves are off your grounds as while they sit they will stain and look quiet dirty.
In November most of the leaves have fallen, so it is a good time to power wash areas and also treat for moss before it gets a hold over the winter months.

Be sure to use the right products for your surface brick paving, sand must be brushed back into joints as power washing will have moved it out, minimising weed regrowth. sealants are are also available too for your surfaces to help it look better for longer.

Gardening Tips


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